notepad and pencilRules, Consequences, and Rewards
Classroom Rules
1.  Respect others and their things.

2.  Pay attention during instruction.

3.  Remember to always follow directions.

4.  Be prepared for class each day.

5.  ALWAYS do your best!
Rewards and Consequences

We will use Class Dojo in our classroom.  This is a behavior management tool that allows students to earn points for positive behaviors or lose points for negative behaviors.  You and your student can create an account with Class Dojo to see daily behavior, receive messages from the teacher, and see a student’s behavior over time.  Please contact me to create an account for you and for your child.  Then, visit Class Dojo's website.

Students will be rewarded for positive behavior as a group and on an individual basis.  Each Friday, students will be rewarded based on their points for the week and reset to zero points for the upcoming week.

Students will lose a point for not following any of the above classroom rules or additional school rules, as stated in the handbook.  Below are the daily consequences for receiving negative Dojo points:

-1 point - Warning

-2 points – Walk at Recess

-3 points – Walk at Recess and Silent Lunch

Depending on the behavior, a student may visit the office or have additional consequences in addition to losing points.

These rules and consequences will be in effect at all times and are always posted in the room.