notepad and pencilRules, Consequences, and Rewards
Classroom Rules:
1.  Respect others and their things.

2.  Pay attention during instruction.

3.  Remember to always follow directions.

4.  Be prepared for class each day.

5.  ALWAYS do your best!
We will use a card system in our classroom.  Students will turn a card for not following any of the above classroom rules or school rules.  School rules are stated in your child's agenda.  Below are the colors and what each color will represent:

Green – I am having a GREAT day!

Yellow – Warning

Blue – Lose weekly reward and walk at recess

Orange – Lose weekly reward, walk at recess, and a note is sent home

Red – All above consequences and a possible visit to the office


Students will be rewarded for good behavior as a group and on an individual basis.  At the end of each day, each student who has remained on green or yellow for the entire day will receive a reward sticker.  If your child has received a reward sticker everyday for the week, 5 stickers altogether, then your child will receive a trip to the treasure box.  Each child is responsible for keeping up with their reward chart.  Lost stickers will not be replaced.

As a group, the class will earn chain links for good behavior.  If the class receives a compliment from another teacher or administrator, a link will be given.  Links will also be given for every student having homework, good behavior in science and related arts classes, and other miscellaneous rewards at the teacher’s discretion.  When the links reach the floor, the entire class will earn a reward. 

Last Modified on August 9, 2012