• Mr. Carter's classroom will have very clear rules and expectations.  I will treat students with respect, and expect all students to treat myself and other students with respect in return.

    Classroom Rules
    1) Respect yourself.
    2) Respect others.
    3) Respect your classroom environment.
    1) Warning (verbal or other prompting)
    2) Detention or in-class isolation
    3) Detention or in-class isolation
    4) Office Referral
    *Severe behaviors will result in an immediate office referral.
    For every three tardies in first period, students will be having a working lunch to make up for lost class time (please make an effort to be on time!!!).  Three tardies in any other class period will be a detention.
    Attendance is essential for learning and for being able to participate in class.  Accordingly, students with excessive absences may need to "buyback" class time missed due to absence.  This can be done during working lunches or bus time, etc., as a way to catch up for missed instructional time. 7th period: please only check students out early if ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Our class time is vital all the way until the end of the day!