• PE Information

    Powdersville Middle School 2019 - 2020

    Physical Education

    Coach Langston


    PE Class Rules

    1.        No food, drinks, candy, or gum in the gym. (ONLY water).

    2.        Take care of the equipment.

    3.        Come prepared to participate in every activity.

    4.        Stop, look, and listen when the music stops, a whistle blows, or when you hear the teacher’s commands.

    5.        PAY ATTENTION.

    6.        Try your best – effort counts.

    7.        If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say it.


    PE Consequences

    1.        Verbal Warning.

    2.        5 or 10 min removal from activity.

    3.        Complete removal from activity and written assignment.

    6.      Office Referral.


    Gym Procedures

    1.        Students come in; place your belongings on the bottom row of the bleachers.

    2.        Sit in your assigned seats on the gym floor as the teacher takes attendance.

    3.        Students may change shoes as the teacher takes attendance.

    4.        We warm-up and stretch as a group.

    5.        At the end of class, students will get water and use the bathroom before class change.


    Acceptable P.E clothing

    1.        Any TENNIS shoes (NO boots, sandals, flip flops, slides etc)

    2.        Sleeved shirts that allow full range of motion of the arms and shoulders.

    3.        Pants or shorts that allow full range of motion.

    Medical Excuses

    All students are expected to participate in P.E activities DAILY.

    You must have a Doctor’s excuse for extended misses in P.E class.


    I have read and will follow the class expectation sheet.


    Student Signature:  _________________________________                               Date: ________________

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  • Grading Policy

    PE Participation/Appropriate attire
    * Failure to wear appropriate attire will result in a loss of points, daily.
     Additional Information about what is expected.
    - Every student is expected to come to class ready to participate.
    - Each student should be wearing clothing that allows free movement. (Any clothing that restricts you from any activity is not allowed)
    - Each student should be wearing tennis shoes(Students are allowed to bring an extra pair to change into).
    - Flip Flops, Slides, Boots etc.... WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.
                - They fall off.
                - They tear up.
                - They are uncomfortable to run in.
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  • Extra Credit/Retakes

    Please see Coach Langston for extra credit opportunities.

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