• Class Schedule
     A Day-    
                       8:05-8:55       1A  8th Grade Theatre
                       8:57-9:42       2A  8th Grade Theatre
                       9:42-10:22     Planning
                       10:22-11:10   3A 7th Grade Art
                       11:13-11:55   4A 7th Grade Theatre
                       11:55-1:37     Planning and Lunch
                       1:37-2:22       6A 6th Grade Art
                       2:22-3:10       7A 6th Grade Art 
                       3:10- until...   Clubs, rehearsals, planning...
     B Day-     
                       8:00-9:30      1B Theatre @ PVHS
                       9:30-10:22     Planning
                       10:22-11:55   7th Grade Art/Theatre
                       11:55-1:30     Planning and lunch
                       1:30-3:00      Advanced Theatre
                       3:00- until...   Clubs, rehearsals, planning...
    In addition to the schedule above I will have a rehearsal schedule during productions and other after school activities.