• November 29, 2017


    1.      Call to Order – Mr. David Havird

    2.      Invocation – Mr. Robbie Binnicker

    3.      Pledge of Allegiance

    4.      Election of Board Officers 

    a.      Chair - Board elected Mrs. Nancy Upton as Chair

    b.      Vice-Chair - Board elected Dr. Doug Atkins as Vice Chair

    c.      Secretary - Board elected Mr. David Merritt as Secretary

    5.      Election of Board Representatives for:

    a.      Anderson County Alternative Schoo Board (one member) - Board elected Mr. Mike Wilson to serve on the Alternative School Board

    b.      Anderson District One and Two Career and Technology Center Board (two members) - Board elected Mrs. Nancy Upton and Dr. Doug Atkins to serve on the Anderson One and Two Career & Technology Board

    6.      Minutes of October 31 Meeting – Minutes were approved as received in the mail.  

    7.      Superintendent's Report
    a.     Financial Report – Mr. Thomas and Mr. Havird provided the financial report.

    b.      Instructional Report – Mr. Havird provided the Instructional Report to the Board.

    c.     Student Nutritional Report – Mr. Binnicker provided an update on student nutrition. 

    d.     Auditor Report Presentation for the 2016-17 Schoo Year - Greene, Finney & Horton provided and unmodified opinion on the financial statements with strong financial condition as of June 30, 2017. The unmodified opinion issued is the best opinion you can receive. 

     e.    Consideration of Second Reading of New and Revised Board Policies - Mr. Havird presented the policies as second and final reading. The board approved.

              ICD-R-Advanced College Placement
              IKA-R-Grading/Assessment System
              JLD-School Counseling
              KDB-Public's Right to Know/Freedom of Information
              KLGA-School Resource Officers 

     f.     Consideration to go into Executive Session to Discuss a Contractual Matter

     g.      Action as Necessary for Items from Executive Session - No decision was made in executive session.
     h.     Consideartion to to purchase a 0.243 Parcel of Property to Assist with the Roe Road Access Project in the Amount of $12,000 - The board approved the purchase of 0.243 acres for the Roe Road Access Project.
    i.       Personnel - All personnel was approved.
    8.      Adjourn

            Anderson School District One Board of Trustees

            David C. Havird, Superintendent

            The next board meeting will be held in January 30, 2018.