• Over the Counter Medication Information

    The South Carolina Boards of Medical Examiners, Nursing and Pharmacy approved and adopted the recommendation that school nurses may administer over the counter medications with parental consent and without physician consent.  Therefore, if your child requires an over the counter medication at school, please complete the appropriate form and return it to your school nurse. The medication forms may be found here.

    This form must be completed before the school nurse will be able to administer any over the counter medication.  Please be reminded that the school does not stock any over the counter medications, they must be brought in by the parent/guardian. 

    Other Medication Reminders:

    • All medication must be brought in the original container and properly labeled. For prescription medication, it must be labeled with the student's name and the medication name, dosage and time. This information must match the medication form. Please obtain the "Prescription Medication Form" from the ASD1 website, as mentioned above, and return the physician-signed form, along with the medication, to the school nurse.  
    • Students are not allowed to carry or keep medication with them during the school day or on the bus. Medications must be brought to the nurse or office. An exception to this requires individual review by the nurse and principal and additional paperwork is required by parent, student, and physician.
    • All medication must be picked up by a parent or guardian prior to the end of the school year. No medication is stored during the summer. Any medication left after the last day of school will be disposed of by the school.
    • For field trips, the same medication requirements still apply. Only send the number of pills needed for the trip in its original container. Give your child any morning medication at home before leaving on the field trip.
     If you have any questions, contact the school nurse at 864.269.1821.