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    Dear Parents and Students,
    I am very excited about teaching  our ELA LAB this year. This class will be a support to your students' daily ELA class with
    Mrs. Nimmer or Miss Collins. We will review practical reading skills and strategies that we use frequently to comprehend and apply information from both fiction and nonfiction texts alike.
    Most all  the assignments that we work on will be completed in class. I encourage my students to read every day outside of class, however I do not give formal homework for ELA LAB. 
    The numerical grade for this class will be a combination of two criteria listed below. Once a numerical grade for ELA LAB is calculated , it will then be added into your child's regular ELA class average as a major test grade. 
    50% Major Reading Assignments/Projects
    50% Minor Reading Quiz Grades/Participation 
    I look forward to getting to know each of you and your families. It is my priority to help you discover what genre of reading interests you the most, as well as introduce you to new genres that you may not have explored in your past reading experiences. This is an essential key to becoming a life long reader.