iPad Essentials
    Looking for directions on using an app?  Need troubleshooting tips?  The resources in this library might help you.  Please contact Mrs. German by email germanm@anderson1.k12.sc.us if you have questions. 
    PVMS App Store - There is a limited list of apps that are approved for Powdersville Middle School student iPads.  Please let Mrs. German know if you find problems with any app in our catalog.  Downloading apps not in our catalog will result in your iPad being locked by AirWatch.
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    Blacklisted Apps - this link leads to a list of the current blacklisted apps.  These apps have been blacklisted because they contain material that violates our iPad policies or CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act).   The list is maintained by Mrs. Hearne in the A1 Digital Innovation office.  There are four tabs at the top of the spreadsheet: Browsers, Media, Restricted Games and Social Media.  Students are advised that having these apps on their iPads makes their device non-compliant, and it can affect the performance of the iPad.  In addition, apps managed by AirWatch on non-compliant devices may be deleted from the iPad.
     Edmodo Edmodo Essentials - Edmodo is used extensively by teachers to communicate with students, distribute handouts, and collect assignments.  If the app is not working properly, you can sign into it on any computer by going to www.Edmodo.com and entering your log in information.  These instructions show you how to create an Edmodo account. 
     iPad troubleshooting iPad Troubleshooting flow chart  - What do I do when an app keeps crashing?  Try these steps.
     PicCollage  Lock Screen Instructions - the first step to finding the owner of a lost iPad is to check the lockscreen.  This should have the student's name on it.  These instructions explain how to use PicCollage to create a personalized lockscreen.  Here is a link to a video tutorial explaining the process. 
     my homework
    MyHomework Essentials - Students use My Homework to subscribe to their teachers' classes.  These instructions tell how to set up an account.  Parents, watch this video to find out how to set up an account to keep up with student assignments.  It's like having a copy of your students' agendas.  The corresponding website for this app is https://myhomeworkapp.com
     smoothwall log in ASD1 "Smoothwall" Content Filter:  The SmoothWall Content filter (also called bberry by our students) provides filtered Internet access for students when they are on any wifi network other than our school.  Use your COMPUTER USERNAME AND PASSWORD to log into the Internet content filter.  Instructions for logging into content filter. There are troubleshooting tips in this document as well.  Please let Mrs. German know if you are unable to use your iPad at home due to SmoothWall problems. 
     puppet  Shadow Puppet (Puppet EDU) - This is an easy-to-use storytelling app that allows you to record your voice over background images. Work can be saved to camera roll or shared with a link.
     voice  Adobe Voice - Another easy-to-use storytelling app that allows you to record your own voice over background slides. Creates an excellent finished product that can be shared with a link or saved to your camera roll.