• Use Google Docs to create your document such as essays, narratives, and research papers.  See the slide show below for some formatting hints for a formal research paper.

     7th Grade Google Doc Assignment - complete while in the library.  Show Mrs. German, Ms. Collins, or Mrs. Nimmer your completed document.

    Your Assignment

    1. Create a Google Doc - name it Research Paper Formatting

    2. Use 12 point font for everything.  Add a title and CENTER it on the top line of the page. (Remember to capitalize important words in the title.)

    3. Type a paragraph of three or four sentences from the book you are reading, and DOUBLE-SPACE the paragraph using the formatting options.

    4.  INDENT the first line of the paragraph by adding FIVE SPACES in front of the first word.  

    5.  Use RefMe or www.citationmachine.net to create a citation for the book you are reading, and copy and paste the citation below your paragraph. DOUBLE SPACE the citation, too.