• Notes to Substitutes:
    Please keep your own record of the dates you worked as well as the school and teacher you worked for in each pay period. If there are any discrepancies in your records and the pay you receive, please contact the secretary at the school you worked as soon as possible! If you have worked for multiple schools and need help determining which school to call, email Payroll at bishopt@apps.anderson1.org. When looking at the days worked on your pay stub please be aware that it can only print 10 lines of data. Therefore, all dates worked may not always be printed on your stub. When reconciling your pay please look at your GROSS AMOUNT PAID and divide it by your daily rate of pay to determine if you have been paid the correct number of days. 
    Please be aware that if any days are left off of your check in error, those days will not be paid until the next pay date.
    Also, please be aware that checks are mailed after 5 PM on Wednesday but always prior to pay day. ASD#1 has no control over the arrival of your check. Also, you will need to factor in holidays for which the United States Postal Service is close.  If you have not received your check by Wednesday following pay day, email Payroll at bishopt@apps.anderson1.org.  
     Substitute Pay Schedule
    Notes to Secretaries: 
    Turn in to Payroll NO LATER than date listed.  As a practice please submit earlier when ever possible, being mindful of Staff Development dates or any days you may not be planning to work, as well as allowing for any unforseen circumstances.  Payroll will be processed the morning after the due date listed.  
     Secretary Due Dates for Sub Pay