Students this year will be required to complete a weekly review homework assignment for my class.  This will be a 10 to 15 questions assignment that students are given on the first day of each week.  This assignment will be a spiral review of content we have already covered in class.  The assignment will be due on the last day of each week.  I do offer a pencil check until Wednesday afternoon as long as all problems are attempted.  Students are responsible for picking up all pencil checked papers from me.
  • Make-Up Work

    Make up work is the students responsibility.  Please encourage your student to follow the following simple steps to ensure that he or she can get caught up in my class after an absence.  

    1. Students need to ask upon return about any work that they missed.  Please make sure this is before or after class, not during teaching time.
    2. Students need to get with a friend from their class period with me to catch up on any missed notes in our notebook.  Please make sure this friend is from the same class period as not all of my classes may be working on the same material.
    3. If the student misses one day of class, all make-up work is due on the second day after returning to school.  For each additional day the student misses, a day is added to the time before the make-up work is due.
    4. If students anticipate being out, it is always a good idea to get work beforehand.

    **Students are always welcome to email me to get makeup work while out.  

  • Late Work

    Student success is highly dependent on completing satisfactory work in a timely manner.  Students who do not turn in assignments on time may be required to serve a working lunch to complete the missing assignment.  Students will be told daily if they have working lunch, and will need to report to my classroom with the necessary materials at the start of the lunch period.  There will be consequences for students who do not attend an assigned working lunch.