• Loan Verification of Employment
    If you are obtaining a loan and the provider would like verbal verification of employment without salary information please give them the district office phone number 864-847-7344 and tell them to ask for Sherry Pringle or Erin Saylers.  Employment verification will not be given if a social security number is not provided.
    If the agency requires salary information, they will need to e-mail a Verification of Employment Form to bishopt@apps.anderson1.org and cc the employee on the e-mail. If you the employee is not copied on the e-mail I will need to receive and e-mail request from you before the form will be completed. 
     Salary information will never be given verbal over the phone and will only be given in writing with employee signature and social security number on the form.  
    It is professional curtesy to allow three business days for the completion of this form. Also factoring in days we are closed especially the three days at Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas. Voice mails left requesting return call to a long distance phone number with only a reference number will not be returned.