Battle of the Books
    • Students will be reading the SC Junior Book Award nominee list.

    • Each team will have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 5 students.

    • Each team member must have read at least 5 of the books and submitted the Junior Book Award Google Form for each by the first group practice session. (Note - you must sign into your Google Apps account to access the form.)

    Group Practices

    • Group practices will be scheduled during grade level advisory classes in January, February and March.  

    • Librarian-led group practices can total no more than 3 hours.
      (students may make up their own questions and practice with friends)

    • The practice schedule will be posted on the Battle of the Books website, and will be distributed to students.  We will practice 20 minutes and have a Question and Answer session.

    • Teams must have at least one member at each librarian-led group practice.


    • February - April: Librarian led practices in the library.
    • April - PVMS Battle of the Books competition at in the cafeteria. The competition will be judged according to the attached rules. See attached rules. 
    • May - Anderson District One Battle of the Books. Location and time to be determined.