• notepad and pencilRules, Consequences, and Rewards
    Classroom Rules
    1.  Be purposeful.

    2.  Be respectful.

    3.  Be innovative.

    4.  Be determined.

    5.  Be excellent.
    Rewards and Consequences

    We will be using a school-wide color system this year. This is a behavior management tool that allows students to clip up for positive behaviors and clip down for negative behaviors. Below are the colors and what each color represents:

    Pink - Outstanding

    Purple - Excellent Choices

    Blue - Great Work

    Green - Ready to Learn!

    Yellow - Think about It.

    Orange - Make Better Choices

    Red - Better Days Ahead

    Students will begin each day on green. Please understand that it is our expectation that students also end their day on green. Green means they have had a good day. Rewards will be given out at teacher discretion. For example, clipping up can earn a student a reward.

    Students will clip down for not following any of the above classroom rules or additional school rules, as stated in the handbook.  Below are the daily consequences for clipping down:

    Yellow - Warning

    Orange – Walk at Recess, Silent Lunch, and/or Lose Other Classroom Activities

    Red – Previous Consequences and Parent Contact

    Depending on the behavior, a student may visit the office or have additional consequences in addition to clipping down.

    These rules and consequences will be in effect at all times and are always posted in the room.