What Will We Study This Year??

  • Course Description: 

    Seventh Grade Science is based on a higher level of thinking with rigorous updated state standards as of the 2019-2020 school year. It is designed to help prepare students for future studies and success as adults in an ever changing workforce that includes skills in problem solving, engineering, math, and the use of technology.(STEM)

    Our 4 Core Units of Study:

    1. Organization in Living Systems
          Identifying Animal, Plant, Protist and Bacterial Cells / Organelles 
          Multi-Cellular Organisms / Organs and Body Systems
          Uni-Cellular Organisms
    2. Heredity - Inheritance and Variation of Traits
          Dominant, Recessive, Co-Dominant, Incomplete Dominant Traits
          Probability of Genotypes and Phenotypes Using Math Skills
          Genetic Engineering        
    3. Interaction of Living Systems and the Environment
          Ecosystems / Population Changes and Their Impact on the Ecosystem
          Soil Quality and Its Impact on Life
          Symbiotic Relationships / Competition / Food Webs / Energy Pyramid
          Invasive Species and Their Impact on the Ecosystem   
    4. Classification and Conservation of Matter 
          Basic Elements and the Organization of the Periodic Table
          Classifying Matter 
          Introduction to Chemical Compounds and Chemical Formulas 
              Ionic and Covalent Bonds
          Physical and Chemical Properties / Physical and Chemical Changes
    Various instructional strategies will be used to introduce and teach these standards.
    The techniques used will include, but are not limited to IPad activities and instructions, classroom discussions, demonstrations,  lab activities, and student reading assignments.