• Media Center Policies
    The policies of the Powdersville Middle School media center have been written with the purpose of providing an inviting media center that is conducive to research, study, and independent use by all of our students.  Students should bring their iPads when they come to the media center, and must sign in when they arrive using one of the two sign in stations.  Please do not enter the media center if the lights are off.

    Discipline Policies

    The Powdersville Middle School is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Students have open access to our media center.  This means students do not have to wait for a class to be scheduled into the media center to use the resources.  In order for all students to cooperatively use the media center, the following responsibilities have been explained. 

    • Be productive
    • Allow others to be productive
    • Respect people and property

    Circulation Policies

    Middle School brings extra responsibility for our students in the way of independent reading assignments and research projects.  It is important that all materials are returned promptly and in good condition so as not to hinder another student in his or her studies.  

    • Students may check out as many items as they need - students and parents should work together to decide how many items a student can check out and be responsible for.
    • Check out time for most items is 3 weeks. Check out for ebooks is 2 weeks.
    • Overdue materials will not be renewed unless the student has the item with him/her.  
    • Lost or damaged books must be paid for promptly.
    • Students who have had an overdue book for more than one month past the due date may have their library privileges reduced or revoked until the item is returned or paid for.
    • Prior to summer break, students must return all books and pay all overdue fines by the last day of school in order for their report cards to be sent home.
    Book Selection Policy
    “Every book its reader, every reader his book,” is a traditional motto of librarians. With students ranging in age from 10 to 15, the my goal is to purchase books that will appeal to over 600 individual students’ interests, maturity level, reading level, and cultural background. Some books in our library were written and selected for students ages 13 and up, and are more mature in content, theme, and language. The genre of Young Adult literature includes some of the most popular titles in our library, but they are not always appropriate for our youngest readers. No student is ever required to read any book from the library, and parents are encouraged to discuss reading preferences with their children to offer guidance in book selection. In the event that a parent deems a book too mature for his or her student, please notify the me so I can help with selecting a more appropriate book.  Anderson School District One has an official board policy that outlines the procedures for challenging a library book, and these policies will be followed in the event of a request to remove a book from the library.