• Creating Bibliographies

    A bibliography is a list of sources you use to get information or images for your projects.  A bibliographic citation is the listing for a single source.  The purpose of a bibliographic citation is to lead the reader to the source of the information used in the project.  A bibliography also provides a means of fact-checking and it suggests places the reader can go to get more information. 
    MLA format is a pattern we use to create citations and to format research papers.  In MLA format, a bibliography is called the Works Cited page. As you conduct your research, create a citation for each source you use for your project, including those you use to get images for your project.  Online citation creators such as Citation Machine.net make creating a citation as simple as filling out a form. Use the citations you have created to create a Works Cited page for your project. 



    Try some practice citations with the webpages below:

    In-Text Citations:
    An in-text citation gives credit to the source of information within the text of the document while it is being read.  For MLA format, it is always in parenthesis, immediately at the end of the sentence with the information, inside of the ending punctuationGenerally, the in-text citation gives the author's last name followed the page number if the source has pages.  If no author is given, use the article title or webpage title. 
    (Author last name Page number)   example:  (Riordan 28)
    (Article title in quotation marks Page number)   example:  ("Amazing Animal Records")
    Guidelines for creating a Works Cited page: Begin by typing Works Cited, centered at the top of the page.  For each bibliographic citation, begin the first line at the left margin and indent each line that follows by 1/2 inch.  (In WORD paragraph format, this is called a hanging indent.) Arrange all of the citations in one list, alphabetically by first word, ignoring A, An, and The if they are the first word in the title. URL's (web addresses) are not necessary unless the reader cannot find the website without it. For papers which are typed, everything should be double spaced, using 1" margins.  The font should be Arial or Times New Roman and should be 12-pts.