• Program Information

    If you have previously failed a course or were denied credit due to excessive absences, this instructional technology program will provide you with a unique learning experience.  You may recover credits in core curriculum class by retaking a failed course through the Edgenuity online curriculum.

    The software can assess each student’s skills and prescribe personalized learning paths to fill identified knowledge gaps.  This solution includes rigorous and comprehensive core content that offers high school students a one-to-one learning opportunity supervised by certified teachers.

    The credit recovery program allows for interactive and engaging curriculum that teaches core skills for which students are held accountable.  Subject matter assistance is provided by certified teachers.


    Program Agreement

    Credit Recovery is most successful when students are motivated to complete required units, have a strong desire to graduate high school and are self-motivated to be successful in a self-pace, computer instructed environment.

    Student and parent must demonstrate a commitment to graduation requirements.

    ·         The student must successfully complete all assigned modules with at least 80% efficiency in order for credit to be earned.

    ·         A previous failing grade will be increased to a 70 and credit issued upon full, successful completion of the assigned modules.  The recovered grade will be no higher than a 70 regardless of the scores obtained on each module

    ·         Failure to comply with school or Edgenuity directives will result in dismissal from the program and no credit or grade will be issued.