Thank you for a great Fall book fair!  We will have a BOGO fair in May.

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    Rules and Procedures

    1. Students will be respectful and kind to others in their words and actions.

    2. Students will listen when the teacher is speaking and will raise their hands and wait their turn to talk.

    3. Students will do their best to handle library books with care and respect.

    4. Students in grades 2-5 may have up to three books checked out at a time. Students in grade 1 may borrow two books at a time and K5 students may borrow one at a time.

    5. Books are due after one week, but students may renew a book if no one has placed it on hold. 

    6. If a book is lost or badly damaged, a replacement fee will be charged.

    7. If a student wants to check out new books before their next library day, they may visit the library before or after school, or during the school day with their teacher's permission.


Do you want to help make the library a more interesting place? Send a book suggestion to the Media Specialist!