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    Mr. D

    Room: 417
    Grade: 11th
    Email: dorontichm@apps.anderson1.org
    Phone: 864-312-5641
    Fax: 864-312-5640
    Hello! My name is Mr. Dorontich. Students call me "Mr. D" because it's easier for them to pronounce. I graduated from Clemson University with a double major BA in Secondary Education/ History, and I am certified by South Carolina. I am working on a MA degree in History at the University of Nebraska. The 2019 - 2020 school year is my third year at PVHS and I am honored to be teaching at such an outstanding school. I will be teaching CP US History and US History Honors. 
    I have been married for thirty-one years and have two grown daughters. I am a US Marine and served during the Cold War in the early/mid 1980s at  Naval Air Station Glenview in Illinois, El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in California and for a short time was stationed at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois. I was a KC-130 Flight Line Mechanic, (MOS 6026), in VMGR-234, which is an aerial refueling squadron that moved to NAS Fort Worth in Texas when NAS Glenview was closed in 1995. Our daily mission was inflight refueling of fighter jets, like the F-4 Phantom and the F/A-18 Hornet. I also worked in the civilian airline industry and have an FAA license in the field of aviation maintenance. I am a musician and enjoy ALL types of music and have been playing the drums since I was eleven years old. I have a huge collection of bow ties and try to wear a different one every day. They're easy to tie and they don't get in the way like a "normal" tie. I have two dogs. "Tank" is a German Shepherd and "Blitz" is a Dutch Shepherd. 
    I look forward to the beginning of a new school year and all of the new and familiar faces that I will see at PVHS. I encourage parents to contact me at any time with questions and to inquire about their student's progress throughout the school year. Thank you for visiting my page.