• District Office Administration


     Mr. David Havird, Superintendent
     Mrs. Sherry Pringle, Executive Assistant
     Mrs. Jeanette Smith, Receptionist

    Mr. Robbie Binnicker, Assist. Supt. for Admin.           Mrs. Erin Saylers, Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Becky Brady, Director of Personnel
         Mrs. Tori Tompkins, Administrative Assistant
         Mrs. Dawn Nichols, Administrative Assistant
    Mr. Travis Thomas, Director of Finance
         Mrs. Lynn Haning, Purchasing Agent
         Mrs. Laura Parnell, Special Revenues Accountant
         Mrs. Cyndi Durham, Accountant
         Mrs. Pamela Bray, Accounts Payable
         Mrs. Tami Bishop, Payroll Administrator
         Mrs. Rikki Brown, Benefits Administrator
         Mrs. Dana Stone, Benefits Assistant
    , Director of Student Nutrition
         Mrs. Janet Garrison, Administrative Assistant
         Mrs. Tabitha Jones, Administrative Assistant
         Mrs. Nikki Farr, Administrative Assistant 

    Dr. Brian Keith
    , Director of Special Services
         Mrs. Michelle Rop, School Psychologist
         Ms. Kelly Quirk, School Psychologist
         Ms. Felicia Cunningham, School Psychologist
         Mrs. Laura Hammond, School Psychologist
         Ms. Lauren Ayres, School Psychologist
         Mrs. Lisa Johnson, Administrative Assistant
         Mrs. Stephanie Martin, Administrative Assistant
    Mr. Chris Lesley, Director of Maintenance
         Mrs. Melissa McLane, Administrative Assistant
    Mr. Benny Bridges, Bus Transportation Supervisor
         Ms. Julie Boozer, Administrative Assistant
    Mrs. Jane Harrison, Assist. Supt. for Instruction 
    Dr. Tiffany Estes, Director of Planning and Development
    Mrs. Christie Shealy,
    Director of Testing and Accountability
    Mrs. Kristen Hearne,
    Coordinator of Digital Learning     
         Mrs. Sissy Swing, Administrative Assistant 
         Mrs. Lori Black, Administrative Assistant

    Mrs. Andria Hancock, Director of Technology
         Mr. Greg Gilstrap, Network Specialist
         Mr. John Anderson, Network Specialist 
         Mrs. Ramona Bowers, Information Software Specialist
         Mrs. Sherry Stone, Assistant Software Specialist
         Mrs. Amy McKee, PowerSchool Support Specialist
         Mr. Randy Roberts
    Mrs. Liz Wittebort, Coordinator of Family Services
    Ms. Amber Lawson Monterroyo, Homeless Coordinator