• What is the South Carolina School Attendance Law?
    The South Carolina State law requires all students who attend public school in South Carolina must be in attendance a minimum of 170 days to receive credit for any course. This law is excusable only for cases of illness certified by a physician. Excuses brought in at the end of the school year to cover absences will not be accepted and the students are responsible for being aware of their overall number of days, absences, and individual class absences.
    If a student in grades 10-12 has more than five unexcused absences in a year-long subject, the student will not receive credit for that course. If a student is absent more than three days unexcused from a semester course, the student will not receive credit. Please note this applies to each class individually; therefore, missing only part of a day is preferable to missing an entire day. Since Freshman Academy students will be on a 45-minute schedule for their core classes (English, Math, Science and Social Studies), they should have no more than ten unexcused absences in these classes only.