• Disability Insuranceperson on crutches
    Short Term Disability Insurance is available through Unim.
    Basic Long Term Disability Insurance(BLTD) is offered free (automatic enrollment) to any employee enrolled in a state health plan or HMO. It is provided by The Standard. This insurance pays 62.5% of your monthly salary – maximum of $800/month beginning the 91st day of disability

    Supplemental Long Term Disability Insurance(SLTD) is also available. The premium is based on age and salary. A breakdown can be found in the Insurance Benefits Guide. The benefit pays 65% of the first $12,307 of your predisability earnings, reduced by deductible income up to $8,000 per month. Employees may enroll in SLTD coverage at any time by providing medical evidence of good health and being approved. Contact the Benefits Office for a medical form.

    Long Term Care Insurance is available through Prudential.