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    MoneyPlu$, administered by Fringe Benefits Management Company (FBMC), is a flexible benefits program.  MoneyPlu$ can help you keep more spendable income by enabling you to pay health, dental, and optional life premiums from pretax dollars.  You can save even more money by using MoneyPlu$ to pay dependent-care expenses and out-of-pocket medical expenses with pretax dollars.  MoneyPlu$ can be an advantage with deductibles, co-payments, or items that are simply not covered by insurance (but are legitimate expenses that can be claimed for tax purposes).  Claim forms are available for download on the FBMC web page.

    Pretax Feature- You are automatically enrolled in the MoneyPlu$ pretax feature to pay your health, dental, or optional premiums, unless you elected specifically not to participate.  There is a .28 administrative fee each month for this benefit.  It is not necessary to re-enroll for this feature each year.

    Enrollment Procedures for Spending Accounts:  Enrollment should be completed during the month of October, effective the following January –December.  Estimate the annual amount that you will spend for dependent care and/or medical expenses.  This amount is divided by your number of pay periods and deducted from your check each pay period.  After you incur expenses, submit a receipt and a copy of the EOB, if applicable, showing the amount, if any, covered by the health or dental plan (you may print your EOB from your insurance company’s web site).  You can only submit a claim for the actual out-of-pocket expenses covered.  Claims will be paid until you have reached the annual amount that you elected to have deducted. 

    Medical Spending Accounts —You may set aside up to $2,550 annually for eligible expenses. You can pay for unreimbursed medical and dental bills, even if you or your dependents don’t subscribe to the SHP.  Eligible expenses include deductibles, co-insurances and co-payment, or any other out-of-pocket health care expense deductible, vision care exams, annual physical exams, out-of-pocket dental fees (including orthodontia), travel to and from medical facilities, and any other medical expense deductible under current tax laws.  There is a $3.14 administrative fee each month for this benefit.

    Dependent Care Accounts—Enrollment is same as above.  You may set aside up to $5,000 annually for eligible expenses.  Eligible expenses include day care for dependents under the age of 13, daycare expenses for physically or mentally handicapped of any age or for a disabled or elderly dependent.  This benefit is limited to employees who need dependent care to permit the employee or spouse to work.  There is a $3.14 administrative fee each month for this benefit. 

    EZ Reimburse® (MasterCard® Card)This Card uses funds from your MoneyPlu$ Medical Spending Account to pay eligible, uninsured medical expenses.

    There is no risk of risk of overspending.  If funds are not available because you have spent more than you will deposit in the account during the year, the transaction will be denied.

    When you sign up for a Medical Spending Account, you may request an EZ Reimburse® Card on your Enrollment Form.  There is no charge or annual fee for the EZ Reimburse® Card.  

    Filing Claims:

    You do not have to mail your MoneyPlu$ claims to FBMC.  Instead, you may fax the completed Reimbursement Request Form, along with a copy of the receipt or EOB, if applicable, to FBMC at 850-425-4608

    If mailing, send to:

    P.O. Box 1800
    Tallahassee, FL 32302-1800

    Do you have a question about MoneyPlu$?

    You may visit the website or call Fringe Benefits Management Company’s (FBMC) Customer Service representatives at 1-800-342-8017.  FBMC Customer Service representatives are well trained in all areas and will be able to assist you promptly.