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Anderson School District One Announces 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

Anderson District One

Jane Harrison, PIO


Justin Wingard, math teacher at Palmetto High School was named the District Teacher of the Year Friday, August 12 at the district opening kick-off meeting. Employees gathered to honor each school teacher of the year and to hear the announcement of the district teacher of the year.

Mr. Wingard shared with his fellow teachers that his greatest contribution to education is instilling confidence in his students to believe they can be successful if and only if they work. Mr. Wingard said, “My belief that the teacher’s role is to build upon a student's prior knowledge by firming up what they have already been exposed to, introduce them to new material and then create connections to what they will see in the future.”

He is supportive of all school events to make connections with students outside the classroom and identify their interests. He is head coach for the high school boys’ varsity soccer team. You will find him on the sidelines at each Clemson football game managing the coaches’ communication system.

Mr. David Havird, Anderson One Superintendent said, “Mr. Wingard works beautifully with students as well as his colleagues. Mr. Wingard is beginning his third year of teaching at Palmetto High and has made such a positive impact on students and their achievement in a short time.”

Fellow teacher of Mr. Wingard, Lisa Houston said “Justin is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. He is always willing to help students, colleagues, and administration with anything they need. He is an asset to Palmetto High. We are lucky to have him at Palmetto High."

He earned his a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Clemson and later received a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Science in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University.

Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction said, “Mr. Wingard is an outstanding teacher. The students love being is his classroom. He has very high expectations and engages the student in the learning process. He is very creative and innovative in his teaching but often presents learning opportunities for teachers in the district.”

 Principal of Palmetto High,Robert Roach, said, “Mr. Wingard has proven to be an invaluable member of the Palmetto faculty. He demonstrates exceptional command of his content and challenges his students to new heights of academic performance.”

 All teachers of the year were honored at a luncheon with board members, administrators and family members in attendance. Nadia Granger, Palmetto Elementary and Molly Rains from Wren High were finalists for Teacher of the Year.


Cedar Grove Elementary - Sheri Whitworth

Concrete Primary - Ashlee Kellett

Hunt Meadows Elementary - Sarah McKinney

Palmetto Elementary - Nadia Granger

Powdersville Elementary - Tammy Lee

SPearman Elementary - Paige Allen

West Pelzer Elementary - Chelsea Roberts

Wren Elementary - Suzanne Dunn


Palmetto Middle - Amy Allen

Powdersville Middle - Shelby Arneberg

Wren Middle - Amy Lanford


Palmetto High - Justin Wingard

Powdersville High - Leslie Hill

Wren High - Molly Rains

Front row. Left to right:
Paige Allen, Nadia Granger, Justin Wingard,
Molly Rains, Sheri Whitworth, Amy Allen

Back row: Chelsea Roberts, Tammy Lee, Amy Lanford, Sarah McKinney,
Ashlee Kellett, Suzanne Dunn, Leslie Hill, Shelby Arneberg